Bitget Partners with Copper for Off-Exchange Settlement

  • Crypto exchange Bitget is partnering with custody firm Copper and joining the ClearLoop network.
  • The integration allows institutional clients of both companies to delegate digital assets within Copper’s infrastructure while trading on Bitget.
  • The partnership increases confidence among institutional crypto users.

About Copper’s ClearLoop Network

Copper’s ClearLoop network provides off-exchange settlement for institutional investors, allowing them to hold their digital assets in a safe and secure environment. The platform links user accounts across multiple exchanges, thus providing a seamless experience when trading and transferring funds. Recently, Matrixport also joined the platform as part of its Prime Brokerage Offerings.

Bitget’s Investment Strategy

In addition to joining the ClearLoop network, Bitget has also started a $100 million fund targeting Web3 startups. This fund will help Asian countries build out their frameworks for developing Web3 applications.

Benefits for Institutional Investors

Institutional investors can benefit from this partnership by having increased confidence when trading on Bitget, as well as being able to safely hold digital assets within Copper’s infrastructure. Furthermore, the integration between these two services creates an efficient system that simplifies the process of trading and transferring funds across multiple exchanges.


This partnership between Bitget and Copper brings a variety of benefits to institutional investors, such as increased confidence when trading on Bitget, improved security within Copper’s infrastructure, and streamlined processes for trading and transferring funds across multiple exchanges.