This guide covers the most crucial story options that are available in Dying Light 2 that have lasting impacts. There are more options than this, however anything not mentioned here will only have only short-term consequences (such such as changing next dialogue line or minor dialogue choices). These are those that are likely to “come back to haunt you”. They can alter the objectivity and who is alive and who dies, the boss you with, who is to be hostile towards you, and even the way an assignment ends.

Before we begin we must know what the various options available are and how they function:

  • The majority of dialogues do not have any impact on the plot in any way. The majority of dialogue only affects to the following line, and that’s all it is. All dialogue written in white text in conversations is a non-essential dialogue that won’t affect the conversation as a overall, and usually provides a general discussion or could provide another option to move the conversation, however it doesn’t significantly alter the narrative events.
  • A small portion of dialogs are of any use. These are the options made in this article and are usually apparent in game because they are timed to them.
  • The general progression of the narrative is mostly linear, and it is only the timing of your choices or the people you assign Facilities to in the story’s missions that result in any significant variation in sequence of events.

To walkthrough the full game, the quests, refer to Dying Light 2 : Walkthrough.

Story Mission Choices

Pilgrim’s Path

Dialogue options don’t matter.

Getting Stronger

Dialogue options don’t matter.

Markers of the Plague

Dialogue options don’t matter.

The Only Way Out

Dialogue options don’t matter.

It is important to work on both “The Spark of Invention” as well as “Cheers!” is required to complete this quest, however, the choices you make in these two quests don’t impact anything else overall. Hakon could call you prior to having completed all the objectives in these quests, but it’s apparent that you have to finish minimum 2/3 of the work before Hakon will call you (meaning that you have to finish “The Spark of Invention” as well as one objective within “Cheers!”, or both objectives in “Cheers!”)

There is a possibility that you are required by Sophie to meet with the people in the Bazaar prior to her working with you (we are not sure the reason behind this). It is only necessary to go around and talk to anyone within the Bazaar area that is highlighted in green with Survivor Sense, then she is expected to call you back in order to speak with you.

The Spark of Invention

The moment you inform Carlos that you’ve got the necessary items does not alter the way in which the quest plays out. In the event that you have already got these supplies however you choose the alternative it will tell you to immediately give the items to him and does not mark any of the locations of scavenging for you to look at.


If you complete the first objective, If you accept to be a liar about the water, you’re paid back and Julian in the Bazaar is taken into custody. If you do not agree to lie, you take on Marco and Julian isn’t detained. Both of these options are irrelevant in the end.

If you complete the first goal before the second , and you accept to lie, the game will appear to indicate that the side quest was completed in a flash, however you’ll still have the second goal in your map and is able to complete it. The fact that you don’t complete it first (or in any way) does not matter in the remainder of the quest, and it will only give small benefits.

Unruly Brother

Dialogue options don’t matter.

If you’ve never activated the near “Larch” Windmill before doing this quest, a person will appear and request your assistance before entering the shop. The decision to help or not will not affect any thing, it’s just the game telling you to turn on the Windmill which is likely to make sure that you will have an immediate respawn spot should you are killed at the location.

The Arrival

No dialogue options.

The Raid

The options for dialog prior to tackling the bandit camp do not matter.

If you visit The Tango Motel you are given the option to stay inside or to go straight to converse with Aitor. The decision affects how the story ends and also affects the rewards you receive but it doesn’t carry any significant consequences for the story, since you are still able to make any decision you like during the next story quest. However, it does have real-world consequences.

In the event that you choose to go inside, there is an argument with a boss, and you’ll be faced with the option of returning with Aitor and working alongside Sophie (but that’s not going to really matter).

If you decide to head straight into Aitor rather than going to the inside, then there is no boss fight , and the quest is over after you’ve spoken with Aitor.

Water Tower

If you are able to talk to Jack or Joe rather than fighting with them they’ll appear in an additional Side Quest later in the game dubbed “Moonshine”.

If you give the Water Tower to the Survivors Then, you’ll take on”Revolution” and the subsequent quest “Revolution”. If you give the Water Tower to the Peacekeepers the Peacekeepers, then you take on”Into the Dark. “Into the Dark”.


Dialogue options prior to destroying the Windmill do not matter.

After you have destroyed the Windmill and destroying the Windmill, if you choose to head to Vincenzo then you’ll be able to take on an option to fight a boss and remove those who survived from the Bazaar.

If you decide to assist Hakon towards the conclusion of the quest, you can begin the quest “Sniper’s Alley”.

Into the Dark

Options for dialogue prior to talking to Barney aren’t important.

After having dealt with Barney you will be offered the chance to help out Anderson. It’s the same result regardless of whether you decide to or not. You simply remove an area infection if you choose to assist.

If you decide to aid Hakon towards the conclusion of the quest, you will be able to start the quest “Sniper’s Alley”.

Sniper’s Alley

Helping Hakon and the completion of this side quest will determine the outcome of The main mission Nightrunners that you can play by giving an antenna control the control of your antenna to Frank during Broadcast.

Let’s Waltz!

Dialogue options don’t matter.

The interactions you have with the Sniper are exactly the same, regardless of whether you’ve already met them in the Sniper’s Alley part of the quest.

A Place To Call Home

Dialogue options aren’t important before assigning the substation.

The choice of who you assign the Substation doesn’t matter for immediate story events, but if you are trying to earn trophies/achievements you will need to assign all structures during story events to the same faction, as you need to reach max faction level for a trophy/achievement, so assign it to the same faction as who you assigned the Water Tower to.

When you speak about Jack Matt at the end of the quest, if you mention Aitor and then you can complete the quest ” Aitor” will be available in “Welcome on Board”, If you are lying about Aitor then the side quest won’t be accessible.


Dialogue options don’t matter.


No dialogue options.

Welcome on Board

If you were honest with Jack Matt about what happened to Aitor in the final scene in “A Place to Call Home” Aitor will walk to The Floating Fortress along with Aitor as soon as you are there and the side mission ” Aitor” will then be accessible. If you lie, this won’t be happening. This doesn’t have major significance for the story however.

Options for dialogue prior to making the final decision with Juan aren’t important, neither is it important if you go to Danior’s celebration or not.

In the last timed decision with Juan If you select “I can help you” you’ll agree to go with Juan’s idea, and lead to you taking part in”The Story Quest “Cathedral”. If you select “I’ll stick with Matt” you will not follow Juan’s plans and you will end up being playing the story quest “The Lost Sight”.


Dialogue options don’t matter.

The Lost Sight

Dialogue options don’t matter.


The choices for dialogue in the course of the mission aren’t important apart from the choice at the end.

The decision to decide to speak with Frank at the Fish Eye before going to the tower isn’t important.

If you decide the option to “Give control over the transmitter to FRANK” Then this will make you a part of the Survivor tasks for the remainder of the game. This means you’ll be playing in the missions “Nightrunners” and “The Breakthrough”. It’s always an choice, regardless of the previous actions you’ve taken.

If you decide not to assist Juan during “Welcome on Board”, you’ll have another option “Give control over the transmitter to JACK MATT”, This will make you a part of the Peacekeeper tasks for the remainder of the game. This means you’ll end up doing the missions “Empire” and “Assassination”.

If you do choose to aid Juan with the quest “Welcome on Board”, then you have the option to “Give control over the transmitter to JUAN” This locks you in to the Juan missions for the remainder of the game. That means you’ll be doing the missions “Spy Game” and “The Colonel”.

The Shoe

Your choices for dialogue choices or the people you talk to in the Lawan’s house don’t matter.


The options for dialog ahead of meeting Hakon aren’t important.

The outcomes you can expect after the completion of the quest in which you confront Hakon depend on the extent to which you helped him in Revolution and Into the Dark, and later played the companion mission Sniper’s Alley.

The first time you choose to play Hakon isn’t a factor, but the decisions only come into play after you’ve defeated him twice and tried to get out of the church.

The second option you have to choose in the event that you choose “Let’s not fight” will result in Hakon withdrawing however only if you’ve finished Sniper’s Alley. If you didn’t complete that optional quest or chose “Come any closer, and I’ll have no choice.” Then, Hakon will attack again, resulting in your killing him for the good of.

If Lawan is revealed and you are given another timed option If you choose “Do what you need to do.” Then Lawan is killed by Hakon herself. This is the most obvious mistake because it leads to Hakon dying and Lawan isn’t Nightrunner.

If you choose “Hear Me Out, Lawan. Do not make it a habit.” Then Lawan will also retreat and not kill Hakon. That is, in fact, an “best” option, as Hakon remains alive until the final game. This it results in Frank returning to the Nigthrunners and officially establishing Lawan one. Hakon is also expected to be present at the conclusion of the game.

In addition, any further conversations and dialogue Frank or Lawan isn’t important.


Dialogue options don’t matter.

Spy Game

Dialogue options don’t matter.


The condition in the Bazaar and the people you’ll meet at the beginning of the quest will depend on the choice you made prior to the game’s start during Water Tower.

If you’re on the Peacekeeper end-of-the-road (didn’t consent to helping Juan with his mission in “Welcome on Board”, transferred the control for VNC Tower’s VNC Tower antenna over to Jack Matt) then he will call you once you find out where Veronika is and invite you to assist Lawan with her mission. If you agree to help, it will trigger an adventure called the Side Quest “No Mercy”. It is not necessary for story advancement.

If you’re on the Juan end-of-the-road (agreed to assist Juan during “Welcome on Board” gave the control over VNC Tower’s antenna to Juan) VNC Tower antenna over to Juan) then the devil will contact you when you find out where Veronika is and invite you to investigate a different place to see ultraviolet lights. Accepting help will begin with the Side Quest “Deals with the Devil”. It is not required to progress the story.

Options for dialogue after speaking to Veronika do not matter.

No Mercy

It’s a possible alternative quest that you can complete in Veronika If you were in the Peacekeepers final path (didn’t accept to assist Juan during “Welcome on Board”, handed over an antenna control in “Broadcast” to Jack Matt in “Broadcast”). This is the same quest that you encounter in”Broadcast” in the Survivor Main Quest Nightrunners where you’ll meet Hakon at the Church located on Saint Paul Island.

Make deals with the Devil

It is a option to complete during Veronika when you are on the Juan end-of-the-world route (agreed to assist Juan during “Welcome on Board”, handed over access to the radio in “Broadcast” to Juan during “Broadcast”). It is a unique event that are similar to the events that you can find in The Survivor primary quest, Nightrunners in which you will meet Hakon at the Church located on Saint Paul Island.

The Breakthrough

The first choices for dialogue with Frank aren’t important.

After Frank has been shot, you select the line “Just keep Frank alive. (Go to your truck)” You don’t bother to aid Frank which results in the death of Frank. If you decide “I must not let him go. (Help Frank)” then you must complete additional objectives and help save Frank’s life.

If you can save Frank then you will have an additional timed conversation with Lawan in which you are able to talk to her about the information you’ve learned concerning the poison.


Dialogue options don’t matter.

The Colonel

Dialogue options don’t matter.

Now or Never

If you’re on the Juan ending path, you’ll be fighting Meyer before heading to the Stronghold.

If you’re on the Juan end of the road and Lawan is able to reach the stronghold by herself she will kill everyone while she is there, and you’ll be able to go to the room in which Williams is.

No matter if you’re on the side of Lawan or otherwise, you are able to agree to follow Williams or let you let the Peacekeepers in.

If you choose to go with Williams the mission will be completed without any other happenings and you will immediately go to X13.

If you allow the Peacekeepers into the area, you will be able to drain the district, and then you will have to meet Williams inside the bunker before finishing the quest. The conversation with Williams in the bunker does not matter.


In the beginning of the mission, you’ll choose to fight Renegades, Peacekeepers, or none, based on your the previous choices.

After that, all dialog decisions aren’t important until the defeat of Waltz.

If you successfully completed “Sniper’s Alley” then convinced Lawan to not murder Hakon during Nightrunners, No Mercy, or Deals with the Devil Then Hakon will be appearing in the mission.

In the final mission there is a choice of either saving Mia or pursuing Lawan. If Hakon was on your side during the mission, he’ll assist in the rescue of Lawan If you decide to save Mia.