• John Knopf, an Emmy-nominated photographer, is part of FOTO, a collective that helps artists work in Web3.
• Time magazine partnered with FOTO for its own NFT drops in 2021, and Knopf’s work has been featured in several galleries and events.
• Knopf believes Web3 is about elevating one another and advancing the art form.

Taking Photos and Minting NFTs at the Ends of the Earth

John Knopf is an Emmy Award-nominated landscape photographer who works for National Geographic. He was an early adopter in crypto during the heady days of the NFT bull market. Together with seven other photographers, he founded FOTO – a collective geared at training artists to work in Web3 – which now boasts hundreds of members.

FOTO Partners With Time Magazine

Knopf curates members’ art to exhibit at sponsored galleries and events, attempting to elevate digital art without making any money from whether their work sells or not. In 2021, Time magazine partnered with FOTO on its own NFT drops. Knopf’s work has also been featured in several galleries and events.

Web3 Has Potential To Elevate Artistic Sensibility

Good photography often requires as much technical skill as artistic sensibility, making it uniquely fit for experimentation in Web3. Talk to any non-fungible token (NFT) collector or creator and they’ll say it took a while for “photography NFTs” to take off; however, Knopf believes Web3 is all about elevating one another and working to advance the art form.

Early Days Of Bored Apes And Digital Culture

Knopf initially came into crypto thinking he could make a “quick buck,” yet quickly became enthralled with the potential of distributed networks instead – pushing him towards photography experiments within these new realms of digital culture such as his early project Bored Apes which explored human behavior online by taking screenshots from social media sites like Instagram or Twitter over extended periods of time..

Turning An Industry Into A Community Using Crypto

Today there are more ways than ever for photographers to mint their own tokens on various platforms such as Rarible or SuperRare that offer unique toolsets enabling creators to monetize their work through peer-to-peer transactions done entirely on blockchain technology; however this industry can still feel overwhelming at times but through initiatives like FOTO people are turning it into a supportive community using crypto as its underlying infrastructure..