You may be thinking: “Why do cashiers keep asking me at checkout if I have a PAYBACK card in Germany?” This guide will go into what is the PAYBACK program is and whether it’s worthwhile to join.

What Is The PAYBACK CARD Germany?

This PAYBACK cards in Germany is part of the PAYBACK program that is a no-cost bonus program that has more than 600 partners. PAYBACK is by far the most favored loyalty program, also known as a’rewards program’ in the nation. As per Statista the number of people who have a PAYBACK card is more than 30 million individuals have an account with a PAYBACK in Germany.

The PAYBACK program was launched at Munich in 2000. It is as part of American Express Group since 2010. The program is available across Germany, Italy, Poland, India, Mexico, and Austria.

How Does The PAYBACK Program Work?

When a customer shows his or her PAYBACK credit card at a participating business at the point of purchase, they earn points. As you are a PAYBACK account holder, you are able to trade points in exchange in exchange for cash or rewards Lufthansa Miles & More miles or give the points to charity. At present, there are more than 600 partners within PAYBACK. PAYBACK program.

PAYBACK earns money through its role as an agency for marketing for partners’ businesses. The benefits to the members are:

  • Achieving new business.
  • Attracting customers by offering incentives of earning points as well as special promotions.
  • Obtaining data about customers’ shopping behavior.

The final point is crucial for a large number of people. This PAYBACK program is completely free for every customer. It is however, PAYBACK requests permission to give your basic information to its partners.

What Data Does PAYBACK Collect?

If an PAYBACK cardholder accepts the card that certain data will be collected every time they use their PAYBACK card inside Germany. Companies that partner with them use the information to analyze purchasing habits and develop specific marketing campaigns.

Imagine, for instance, that you have granted permission for PAYBACK for sharing your personal data and you buy games for your computer frequently at the PAYBACK partner store, and make use of your PAYBACK card every time you use the point of purchase to earn points. The company you partner with could make use of this information to mail you coupons and offers on the purchase of a new computer.

It is crucial to emphasize that the data collected is based on the kind of product or service. For instance, pharmacies will not record names of drug the customer purchases, but the type of medication or the group it is.

For more details about what information is gathered by PAYBACK as well as by partners, be sure you read the following websites:

  • FAQ on the website (in German)
  • Consent of PAYBACK to advertise as well as market research (in German)
  • Approval for market research and advertising from REWE the Partner firm (in English)
  • Payback’s Nationwide recognised certification (TUV), which ensures that the personal data of customers are handled in accordance with the regulations on data protection and taking into consideration relevant laws, such as the GDPR as well as the BDSG.

Tips Tip: If you are using Chrome as a browser you can convert German pages to English (or the other languages) by clicking the right button on the website and selecting “Translate to English”.

If you have granted permission for PAYBACK for sharing your information with partners You can opt out, and be able to participate in the loyalty program to earn points.

How To Sign Up For The PAYBACK Program In Germany?

The only two requirements required to be able to sign-up for a PAYBACK account are:

  • You must be 16 or older.
  • It is necessary to be citizen of Germany.

You can join the PAYBACK program on the website or in any partner store , such as REWE, dm, PENNY, and Aral, amongst others. After you’ve signed up and have you customer ID to begin collecting points. The physical card could take anywhere from 3 to 4 weeks to be delivered.

Be aware that upon signing-up you are able to accept or decline Payback’s requests to:

  • Receive mailer advertisements from partners.
  • Take your data to be used in marketing and market research.

To accumulate PAYBACK points All you need to do is show the PAYBACK credit card to Germany at the point of purchase. Cashiers will then scan it you will then be able to access the PAYBACK account will earn points.

What Are PAYBACK Points Worth?

Every PAYBACK points is 1 eurocent. The amount of points you earn when you make a purchase is dependent on the value of your purchase and the kind of service that the partner company offers:

  • The majority of stores(supermarkets, drugstores, fast food restaurants and clothes stores) : 2 euros equals 1 point
  • Stations for gas: 2 liters = 1 point
  • Contract-based firms , you receive points per contract. For example:
    • Telekom: You can earn the equivalent of 10.000 points
    • Eon: You can earn the equivalent of 1.000 points
    • DHL: 25 points if you book a forwarding or storage service

For more details about how many points you earn for each of your partners, be sure you check for the page for the official PAYBACK Partner page.

How To Check How Many PAYBACK Points You Have?

It is easy to determine the number of points you have by two methods.

  1. Log into your account on your account on PAYBACK site

Example of PAYBACK points on the website

  1. Install the PAYBACK app on your phone and then sign into your account.

Example of PAYBACK points on the app

If you have points that are close to expiring (they last for 36 months) you will be notified via an alert message on your account.

How To Redeem PAYBACK Points In Germany?

You must accumulate at least 200 points to redeem them to redeem any of the rewards offered by the PAYBACK program.

Here are a few of the most frequently used methods you can use to redeem your PAYBACK points

  • Make a purchaseYou could use the points you earn to make a payment for any or all of your purchase at partner stores. Some stores which accept PAYBACK points for payment include real, dm, Burger King, and Aral.
  • Transform your rewards to Miles & More miles If you own an Miles & More card, you can swap your points from PAYBACK one for one, which means one point of PAYBACK is equal to one Miles & More mile.
  • Exchange points for vouchers You can trade your points for vouchers to shop which you can use to make purchases made at companies that are not part of the PAYBACK points program. For instance, Airbnb, Spotify, IKEA and Zalando. You can visit PAYBACK’s website to see the complete list of vouchers that you can purchase.
  • Exchange your points into items:Within the PAYBACK app and on their website, you’ll discover deals for cooking, sports multimedia, lifestyle items you can purchase using your points. Make sure you compare the cost of the items you’re looking to buy with other companies. The prices for the items included in the PAYBACK program can be more expensive than when you purchase them in cash.

To find out more ways to redeem your points, be sure to visit the Payback website.

Important to be aware of: PAYBACK points are valid for up to three years from the date they are credited to your account. The points you earn will never expire if you own your American Express PAYBACK credit card. We will go into greater detail on the credit card below.